Provincial Youth Week 2022

The Scottish Episcopal Church

7-13 August 2022

If you’re of high school age, the Scottish Episcopal Church invites you to its annual residential Youth Week (‘Yeek’) held at Glenalmond College in Perthshire from 7 through 13 August 2022. It’s packed full of fun activities, discussion groups, and worship, with plenty of time to chill and chat. Here you’ll find a space to be yourself, make friends, and explore faith.



God’s Year

Out of the Ordinary

At this year’s Provincial Youth Week, you’ll explore all 365 days of the Church year in just one week. Trace the journey from a stable to a throne—from Advent to Christ the King—in lightning record time, celebrating Christmas and Easter with delegates from around the country … in August!

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Timetable & Choices

Sign up for events that match your interests—things like outdoor sports, meditation, drama, music, and art. These activities make the Provincial Youth Week a camp tailor-made for you. Click below to customise your out-of-the-ordinary Youth Week experience.

Sign-up for Thursday* Activities

* Wednesday uses a different timetable, which does not require delegates to sign up for activities.

Stuff to know about Yeek

Is the Youth Week fun?

A lot of folk think so, but don’t take our word for it. If you want to know more, ask someone who’s been. Get in touch using the contact information below. (You can read about the most recent in-person Youth Week in this newsletter).

Why is it sometimes called Glen?

‘Glen’ is short for Glenalmond in Perthshire, where the Youth Week has happened for many years. Its proper name is the Provincial Youth Week. This year we’re calling it ‘Yeek’ for short.

Who can go to the Youth Week?

The Youth Week is open to anyone in the Scottish Episcopal Church who is in secondary education and those under 18 years old who have left full-time education.

Who are delegates?

The young people who come to the Youth Week are called delegates. We don’t refer to you as ‘the kids’ or ‘the teenagers’. You are ‘the delegates’ because you represent your churches all over Scotland.

How much does it cost?

The Scottish Episcopal Church partly covers the cost of the Youth Week. Other contributions come from you and your local church’s Vestry. This year’s contributions are:

Delegate: £163
Vestry: £140

There is an Early Bird Discount. If you pay before Easter Monday (18 April), the cost is:

Delegate: £153
Vestry: £130

Do you have to go to church to go to the Youth Week?

The Youth Week is for young people in the Scottish Episcopal Church, and we want you to have a home church so that your faith can be encouraged all year round, not just for a week in the summer. Because your church pays part of the cost, it’s important you are connected with a congregation. However, we understand there may be reasons you and your family don't currently belong to a local church. If this is the case, talk to us; use the contact information below. We will be glad to hear from anyone who wants to come to the Youth Week.

Where will I sleep?

You will have a bedroom to yourself in one of the boarding houses. The College provides pillows and sheets. You just need to bring a duvet (or a sleeping bag if you'd prefer). All bedrooms have washbasins, and there are shared toilets and showers on each floor. This year, because of Covid, delegates will not share rooms.

What is the food like?

There's plenty for everyone and lots of choices. The catering staff at Glenalmond College cook for the Youth Week, and they make sure no one goes hungry—whether you like roast beef or a vegetable bake. As a bonus, you get to eat in a room that looks like a mediaeval castle dining hall.

What about Covid?

Youth Week Leaders are working closely with officials in the Scottish Episcopal Church and at Glenalmond College to mitigate risks associated with the Youth Week. These measures include collecting results of lateral flow tests before and during the week and following the latest guidance on masks, social distancing, and hygiene. In addition, all delegates sleep in single-occupancy rooms.

Help! I have a food allergy.

Don't worry! The catering staff are used to feeding people with different food preferences, intolerances, and allergies. Fill in your details on the Health Section of the application form, and we will be in touch if we need to know more.

Help! I live in the Highlands and Islands. How do I get to the Youth Week?

Don’t worry! We can help. If you live a very long way away, we can assist in arranging shared transport and any additional accommodation. Please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

What if I can’t afford to come to camp?

Don’t worry! Financial assistance is available. Please email the Youth Week leader, the Rev Tembu Rongong (contact details below).

When can I choose my activities?

During the Provincial Youth Week you’ll find a button on this website that links to delegate activity sign up forms. Choices change daily and vary in type—from baking to sport to nail art to drama.

Get in touch

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The Rev Tembu Rongong

Youth Week Leader
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Claire Benton-Evans

Provincial Youth Committee Enabler

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Youth Week Administrator